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Kayak Security - Collection of Keys and padlock

Kayak Security 101: How To Lock A Kayak & Keep It Safe

You probably can’t get over how awesome your kayak is. But you know who else might think it looks cool – and probably worth stealing?  That’s right; potential thieves.  You and I know how expensive kayaks can be – and I’ll bet you that the “bad guys” know it, too.  … Read more

man fishing from the kayak

Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak – Ultimate Fishing Platforms Of 2022

When you think about kayaking, your mind probably jumps to someone sitting inside a long and narrow watercraft and paddling across the water (I’ll admit, that’s an accurate enough description). However, as kayak fishing started gaining recognition, a wider variety of vessels that would fit different fishing techniques began popping … Read more

Best Kayak Anchor Kit

Best Kayak Anchor – Top 6 Picks To Help Your Yak Stay Put

Kayaking is all about moving forward and exploring new waters. Sometimes, however, you find yourself right where you want to be – and want to stay there for a while.  Whether you’re taking in nature’s beauty, snapping photos, taking a break from paddling, or kayak fishing, you need to prevent … Read more

Two red Kayak with black seats

Best Kayak Seat Of 2022 – When Comfort Is Much Needed

Every self-respecting King or Queen of kayaking needs a throne from which to preside from, why should you be an exception?   If you have ever spent an extended period in a Kayak you will know first-hand how comfort is a major factor in your overall enjoyment. Not having the best … Read more