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Kayaking In The Rain – Tips, Safety & Must-Have Gear

In a perfect world, the weather would always be warm and sunny, and you’d never have to worry about unexpected rain showers and thunderstorms. Real life is far from perfect, though (I’m sure you’re aware of that) – and you can’t always have it your way.  The weather is a … Read more

Understanding The Different Types Of Whitewater Kayaks

Understanding The Different Types Of Whitewater Kayaks

Whitewater kayaks are designed for a very specific environment – whitewater rapids.  It’s right there in the name; what else is there to know?  I’m afraid things aren’t that simple:  While they are made for tackling whitewater rapids, these kayaks are not all designed the same. There are, in fact, … Read more

Kayaker capsizes in rough condition choppy water

Kayaking For Non-Swimmers – Everything You Need To Know

Okay, first of all, there is no shame in being a non-swimmer. Some people simply didn’t have the chance to learn how to swim as children, while others may still be working on overcoming a very real – and, I should add, common – fear of water.  Whatever your reason … Read more

What muscles does stand up paddle boarding work

What Muscles Does Paddle Boarding Work?

If you’re new to paddling sports, you’re probably convinced that it’s primarily about arm strength – and I wouldn’t blame you for it. Most people assume the same thing.  When you finally step on a SUP and dip that paddle into the water, though, you’ll be surprised to feel the … Read more

What are Paddle Boards Made Out Of

SUP Construction Explained – What Are Paddle Boards Made Of?

Many factors will play into your SUP’s performance, weight, durability, capacity – and, ultimately, price tag. And SUP construction is one of those factors.  What are paddle boards made of, though? How do boards differ based on the materials used? And on a related note, how can you make sure … Read more

Paddle Board Size Chart

What Size Paddle Board Should I Get: SUP Sizes Explained

You want a SUP that is stable and capable of supporting your weight. But you also want a board that is maneuverable, relatively fast, and able to provide an overall satisfying experience.  Am I getting that right? Well, that, my friend, is a tough balance to hit, but it’s not … Read more