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Best modular kayaks - 6 snap kayak reviewed and rated

Best Modular Kayak Review – Top 6 Options To Consider In 2024

As an apartment dweller, I struggled finding space to store a full-sized kayak. Tired of jamming it into cramped corners and tripping over it in hallways, I knew there had to be a better solution. Then I discovered the ingenious concept of modular kayaks, that break into bits and pack down for compact storage! After testing numerous models, I’m ready to share my top picks that will transform how urban paddlers can conveniently transport and store their boats.

best paddleboard kayak hybrids on the river during summer

Best Paddle Board Kayak Hybrid – Top 8 Picks For 2023

As someone who loves both kayaking and paddle boarding, having to buy and store multiple set-ups was draining my wallet and space. Then I discovered the perfect solution – hybrid boards! Merging the best features of each for a versatile adventure. I’ve spent the past year testing a bunch of these designs, here’s my breakdown of the 8 top-ranked paddle board kayak crossovers ready to deliver maximum fun on the water this summer!

Best Sea Eagle Inflatable kayaks

Sea Eagle Kayak Review – Everything You Need To Know About The Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak & Boats Range 

For over 60 years, Sea Eagle has established themselves as the go-to brand for inflatable kayaks and boats, leading the industry in innovation. Their extensive range balances portability and performance for paddlers at any skill level. But with so many models and configurations to pick from, how do you know which is right for your needs? The answer awaits within this tell-all Sea Eagle kayak review

best Tandem inflatable kayak on shore

Best 2 Person Inflatable Kayak – Top 10 Inflatable Tandems In 2023

As a pair of city paddlers lacking the storage space for hard shells, my wife and I struggled finding an inflatable kayak tailor-made for two. After countless pinned knees and awkward topples, we nearly gave up hope. But after endless tests we discovered the perfect tandem models built for adventure-loving pairs without compromising on comfort or performance! Here’s our must-have list of two-person inflatables ready for making memories in 2023!

Man paddling an Ascend Kayak at sunset

Ascend Kayak Review – Everything You Need To Know About The Ascend Kayaks Range & More

Since 2007, Ascend Kayaks has risen to become a leading budget-friendly kayak brand. Jam-packed with value, their extensive range makes kayaking accessible for all ages and skill levels. But does Ascend’s low price tag translate to low performance and quality? Or are their kayaks a diamond in the rough? Unwrap the real benefits and trade-offs in this tell-all review before embarking with an Ascend by your side!

Folding kayak origami kayak sailing in blue ocean

Best Folding Kayak In 2023 – Minimum Weight, Maximum Portability

As a traveling paddler, hauling a bulky kayak around was a real buzzkill for my wanderlust spirit. Then a fellow nomad introduced me to a game-changing discovery – foldable kayaks! Eager for adventure unburdened, I began testing models for compactness, portability and performance. Now I’m thrilled to share this roundup of the top-ranked folding kayaks guaranteed to deliver fun without weighing you down!

family in a 3 person kayak

Best 3 Person Kayak: Top 8 Inflatables & Hard-Shells Made For Three

Paddling with my son and our excitable dog often turned chaotic trying to fit everyone safely into a cramped tandem kayak. After one too many unexpected family swims, I realized we needed a bigger option. This led me on a mission to test today’s highest-performing 3-person kayaks. From inflatables with space for pets to lightweight hard-shells for three, here’s my roundup of the top triple-seaters built for creating lasting memories.

best inflatable fishing kayaks

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak: Merging Convenience and Durability

Hauling bulky fishing kayaks around used to feel like the price I had to pay for access to the best fishing spots, until I discovered the game-changing world of inflatable models. At first, I was skeptical, but after I took my buddy’s surprisingly durable portable ‘yak out for a spin, I was hooked. Now, I’m excited to share my “Ah-ha!” moment with you. After reviewing and testing numerous top-rated inflatables over the past year, I have compiled a guide to the latest high-function models that outperform traditional kayaks.

Review of the Best Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Best Sit-On-Top Kayaks In 2024: Top 10 SOTs That Are A Cut Above The Rest

Choosing the perfect sit-on-top kayak can be overwhelming with so many options available. But fear not – after months of rigorous testing, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best SOT kayaks on the market. From budget-friendly picks to top-of-the-line fishing machines, our hands-on expert reviews and buyer’s guide will help you find your ideal match

Best Kayaks for Beginners

Best Kayak For Beginners: Top 12 Easy-To-Paddle Picks For Novice Kayakers

As a kayaking instructor often tasked with reassuring first-time kayakers, I’ve seen panicked newcomers flip seemingly tip-proof boats. After witnessing one too many beginner mishaps, I committed to uncovering the most confidence-inspiring designs actually tailored for novice paddlers. Now after an exhaustive year of stability testing and trial runs, here’s my round up of the top-ranked beginner kayaks available in 2024.

Man in Fishing Kayak on ocean

15 Best Fishing Kayaks Reviewed: What Top Anglers are Using in 2023

Kayak fishing, an outdoor activity that’s experienced quite a revival in the last few years, is an excellent way to combine the exhilarating aspects of kayaking with the excitement of catching your meal.  Whether you’ve been fishing for years or only recently dipped your toes into the kayak fishing world … Read more