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Best modular kayaks - 6 snap kayak reviewed and rated

Best Modular Kayak Review – Top 6 Options To Consider In 2023

If you’ve never encountered a modular kayak before, you might find the concept a bit weird – but fascinating, nonetheless.  I get it; that’s how I felt about these, too.  These kayaks are a “middle ground” of sorts, combining the benefits of inflatables – namely, their space-saving designs and straightforward … Read more

Man in Fishing Kayak on ocean

15 Best Fishing Kayaks Reviewed: What Top Anglers are Using in 2023

Kayak fishing, an outdoor activity that’s experienced quite a revival in the last few years, is an excellent way to combine the exhilarating aspects of kayaking with the excitement of catching your meal.  Whether you’ve been fishing for years or only recently dipped your toes into the kayak fishing world … Read more