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best inflatable kataks - man paddles in orange inflatable in rapids

The Best Inflatable Kayak of 2021: Top 12 Tough and Portable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks took the market by storm thanks to their compact and portable designs.  I’m not talking about large pool floats here. I’m talking real, durable, functional kayaks that you can inflate and deflate whenever you want! While they were once considered odd – and often ridiculed – novelties, in … Read more

Kayaks with pedals

Best Pedal Kayak – Top 11 Picks For Paddle-Free Kayaking

Why paddle when you can pedal?  I’m more of a paddle guy myself, but I’m also the first one to admit that pedaling has its charms.  Let’s face it:  No matter how much you enjoy kayaking, sooner or later, you’ll get tired of swinging the paddle. Muscle fatigue, often targeting … Read more

Kayak for Kids - Girl in Yellow PFD

Best Kayak For Kids – Top 8 ‘Yaks For Your Little One

You’re here, which already tells me two things:  One, your kids fell in love with kayaking as much as you did. And two, they might be ready to upgrade from your family-friendly tandem to their very own kids kayak.  You want them to have a blast paddling solo for the … Read more

Duck decoy with stuffed and some calls

Best Duck Hunting Kayak For The Ultimate Waterfowling Experience (2020)

Every hunter knows how crucial having the right equipment is for hunting success. That includes ammunition, guns, camouflage gear, decoys, calls – and, according to the latest waterfowling trends, hunter kayaks. Your goal is to go where other hunters can’t and track down birds that, again, other hunters can’t hunt … Read more