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Understanding The Different Types Of Whitewater Kayaks

Understanding The Different Types Of Whitewater Kayaks

Whitewater kayaks are designed for a very specific environment – whitewater rapids.  It’s right there in the name; what else is there to know?  I’m afraid things aren’t that simple:  While they are made for tackling whitewater rapids, these kayaks are not all designed the same. There are, in fact, … Read more

What muscles does stand up paddle boarding work

What Muscles Does Paddle Boarding Work?

If you’re new to paddling sports, you’re probably convinced that it’s primarily about arm strength – and I wouldn’t blame you for it. Most people assume the same thing.  When you finally step on a SUP and dip that paddle into the water, though, you’ll be surprised to feel the … Read more

Paddle Board Size Chart

What Size Paddle Board Should I Get: SUP Sizes Explained

You want a SUP that is stable and capable of supporting your weight. But you also want a board that is maneuverable, relatively fast, and able to provide an overall satisfying experience.  Am I getting that right? Well, that, my friend, is a tough balance to hit, but it’s not … Read more

Weight limit sign on a kayak

Kayak Weight Limit – How Much Weight Can A Kayak Hold?

Considering that this is such an important factor for anyone looking to buy a new kayak, I figured it’s about time I shed some light on the concept of the kayak weight limit and maximum capacity. Maybe you’d like to know more about what this number means and how it’s … Read more

How Much Does A Paddle Board Cost - 2

Paddle Board Prices – How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

There are many ways to enjoy paddle boarding this summer.  You could get yourself an inflatable SUP, go on a calm, zen-line lake, and put your mind at ease. Or perhaps you’d prefer to go on a fishing trip with a broader, more stable SUP? No, I know; you want … Read more