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How Many Calories Does Kayaking Burn?

How Many Calories Does Kayaking Burn?

You can’t always find time for an hour-long session in the gym. And even when you can, do you really want to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon inside? It seems like a waste of a perfect afternoon – especially when there’s such a thing as kayaking. And before you get … Read more

kayak trolling motors

Best Kayak Trolling Motor For Going Motor-Powered In 2021

Kayaks and paddles go like peanut butter and jelly; everyone knows that. But I can guarantee that everyone needs some help propelling their kayak from time to time. And that’s where trolling motors come in: Compact, quiet, and efficient, these electric motors have earned their spot in the kayaking world. … Read more

What Are Strainers On A River

River Hazards: What Are Strainers On A River?

Low-head dams might’ve earned the nickname “drowning machine,” but don’t assume that other river hazards, such as strainers, are any less deadly. What are strainers on a river, though? Why do they rank so high on the list of kayakers’ worst nightmares? And, most importantly, how can you encounter this … Read more