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best inflatable kataks - man paddles in orange inflatable in rapids

The Best Inflatable Kayak of 2021: Top 12 Tough and Portable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks took the market by storm thanks to their compact and portable designs.  I’m not talking about large pool floats here. I’m talking real, durable, functional kayaks that you can inflate and deflate whenever you want! While they were once considered odd – and often ridiculed – novelties, in … Read more

is kayaking dangerous

Is Kayaking Dangerous? 13 Real Kayak Dangers & How To Avoid Them

I’ve noticed that people – especially beginner kayakers – tend to have many safety-related misconceptions about kayaking. Some don’t give potential risks a second thought. And on the flip side, some will freak out about things that aren’t even real, actual threats. If you’re among those wondering is kayaking dangerous, … Read more

different types of material that kayaks are made fromkayaks

Kayak Material Explained: What Are Kayaks Made Of?

Kayaks can vary in terms of performance, durability, weight, price tag, and, last but not least, attractiveness. And it’s the materials used in the kayak’s construction and the manufacturing processes that contribute to those differences. So, if you’re ready for a new kayak, the first question you should be asking … Read more