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Yellow touring kayak on open blue lake

Best Touring Kayak – Top-Rated Long-Distance Kayaks For 2021

If your idea of fun involves long-distance paddling, exploring new locations, and a paddling route that can take several days to “complete,” then yes, it’s time to treat yourself to the best touring kayak. You want something efficient, swift, and agile – a kayak that allows you to cover large … Read more

Basics Of Whitewater Kayaking For Beginners

The Basics Of Whitewater Kayaking For Beginners

Whitewater kayaking is an intense sport – and it often feels like you’re tricking the Universe by taking on this immense force of nature in a small plastic boat. That adrenaline rush is precisely what makes it so easy to get hooked on this challenging side of kayaking. Mastering the … Read more