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best inflatable fishing kayaks

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak: Merging Convenience and Durability

Kayak fishing allows you to uncover hidden nooks and crannies of the most under-fished areas. But it doesn’t come without its own set challenges, too: Transporting a kayak to the shore along with all the fishing equipment can be a real nuisance. And should I even talk about how challenging … Read more

Female sea kayaker paddling in Glacier

Sea Kayaking For Beginners – Newbie’s Guide To Ocean Kayaking

Steep cliffs, secret bays, hidden beaches, patches of thick seaweed, seals that might pop up to say “Hi” – it sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?  Ocean kayaking offers endless possibilities; the perfect blend of stunning views and wild, unpredictable environments, allowing paddlers to experience open water and view the coastline from … Read more

Parts of Kayak Boat

Kayak Anatomy 101: What Are The Basic Parts Of A Kayak?

Every sport and outdoor activity has its jargon. Kayaking does, too – no surprise there. Each and every part of a kayak’s anatomy has a specific name – and you may even be familiar with some kayak parts. But others might be confusing – as in, scratch-your-head-in-wonder confusing. Either way, … Read more


What Is The Main Advantage Of A Type IV PFD?

All personal flotation devices are designed to achieve the same thing – help you stay afloat. It’s right there in the name. They are a must on every boat and for all on-the-water activities. But while most of you probably have a life jacket in mind when talking about PFDs, … Read more

Best Kayak Storage Racks

Best Kayak Storage Rack – The 8 Top-Rated Options for 2021

The storage and transportation aspects of kayak ownership are probably the biggest hurdles for most – if not all – paddlers out there. There’s just no way around it: You’ll need to find a way to store your kayak properly.  And no, propping it up against the garage wall doesn’t … Read more