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Yellow sea kayak on open water
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Sam OBrien

A Complete Guide To Kayak Bulkheads (With Troubleshooting Tips)

One question I hear a lot from kayaking newbies is:  “Why do some kayaks come with a bulkhead? They’re already pretty buoyant.” Consider this:  How will you keep your stuff …

anny pack made of yellow water proof fabric for maximum protection
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Sam OBrien

Best Waterproof Fanny Pack: Top 8 Options To Keep Your Essentials Safe & Dry

Fanny packs are back – and they’re back with a bang, might I add. I’m not here to talk about the “fashion statement” aspects of wearing one, though. Instead, I’d …

What are the kayak rules and regulations
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Sam OBrien

Kayaking Rules And Regulations – Everything You Need To Know

When you think about outdoor recreation, the rules and regulations associated with it aren’t the first things that come to mind. I get that.  Kayaking is supposed to be a …

best paddleboard kayak hybrids on the river during summer
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Sam OBrien

Best Paddle Board Kayak Hybrid – Top 8 Picks For 2023

Can’t decide between a kayak and a paddleboard? I admit that it can be a tough choice – but, as it turns out, you might not have to choose one …

Man in kayak about to roll and wet exit
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Sam OBrien

Kayak Wet Exit – How To Master This Essential Kayaking Skill

There are many things to love about kayaking. But capsizing – and finding yourself upside-down, underwater, trapped in a kayak – is not one of them.  On that note, how …

Man Sea kayaking During the Cold Winter Months
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Sam OBrien

When Does Kayaking Season Start & End? Detailed Guide To Kayaking Seasons

You probably have an itch only a good kayaking session can scratch. I get it. If it were up to me, I’d go kayaking year-round – but Mother Nature usually …

Sam - Water Sports Whiz

Who Is Behind This Site?

Hey, I am Sam. one part of the three man team here at WaterSportsWhiz.com.  For the past 20 years I’ve been progressively discovering the world of water sports.  Trust me when I say that I’ve only barely touched the surface, the subject is as deep as it is wide.

Boats & Boards

best Tandem inflatable kayak on shore

Best 2 Person Inflatable Kayak – Top 10 Inflatable Tandems In 2023

Two-person inflatable kayaks only prove my point:  Hard-shell tandems are extremely heavy, longer than average, and pretty unwieldy. It makes perfect sense to go with the best 2-person inflatable kayak instead.  And today, I’m going to help you pick the right one! In A Hurry? The Winner After 41 Hours …

Equipment & Accessories

Two women playing with the Best Kayak Bilge Pump

Best Kayak Bilge Pump – An Easy Fix For Excess Water [2023 Edition]

When you’re out paddling, there’s always a chance that some water will find its way into your kayak. And sure, a few splashes here and there won’t be a life-or-death problem, but it can be very annoying. I’m willing to bet that sitting in a puddle isn’t your idea of …

Knowledge & Know-How

upstream kayaking

Kayaking Upstream – A How-To Guide & Tips For Paddling Against The Current

Launching your kayak into moving waters can be a blast, especially when you have the current on your side. But what if you decide to go against the flow? What are your chances against the sheer and, at times, flat-out scary power of moving waters? I’ll be honest: When it …