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A closde up photo of a kayak with text saying is a kayak a boat
Avatar for Nessa Hopkins

Is A Kayak Considered A Boat Or A Personal Watercraft?

When it comes to water vessel classifications, kayaks often fall into a gray area. Are they considered boats, personal watercraft, or something else entirely? The answer can have significant implications for regulations, registration, and safety requirements. We investigate the legal and practical definitions of kayaks, exploring how they are categorized by different authorities and in various contexts.

Two kayakers demonstrate how to paddle a tandem kayak
Avatar for Nessa Hopkins

How to Paddle a Tandem Kayak: Master Coordination, Communication, and Technique

Tandem kayaking can be a joy or a struggle, depending on how well you and your partner work together. Paddling in sync requires more than just physical coordination – it demands clear communication and a shared understanding of roles and techniques. We break down the essential skills and strategies for mastering tandem kayaking, from establishing a rhythm and power balance to executing turns and maneuvers as a team.

Man paddling kayak with deck mount compass on bow
Avatar for Sam OBrien

Best Kayak Compass – Top 6 Picks For When GPS Technology Fails

Don’t let losing battery power or GPS signal turn your paddle into disaster by getting lost far offshore. Always carry a reliable backup compass tailored for kayaking – it could save your life! We have reviewed the top-rated kayak compasses of 2024, covering specialized features like illumination, declination adjustment, and durability so you can find the perfect match to keep paddling confidently when GPS fails.

Night time falls on the lake, a kayak laying by the shore
Avatar for Sam OBrien

How To Plan A Kayak Camping Trip – Planning, Packing And Gear Tips!

The combination of kayaking and camping unlocks a paddling adventure like no other – imagine waking up to misty mornings on secluded shores after nights under the stars! But pulling off the perfect kayak camping trip requires thoughtful prep work. Learn how to plan a hassle-free, fun camping getaway with pro tips on packing gear, route planning, campsite selection, weather watch, and more!

Graphic of sit-on vs sit-in kayaks
Avatar for Sam OBrien

Sit-On-Top Vs. Sit-In Kayak: Which Is The Better Kayak Type For You?

Kayaks are categorized in many ways, but the first – and most important – is based on hull style. It’s also the one that sparked the age-old debate in the paddling community: Which is better, sit-on-tops or sit-ins? Both sides have some valid arguments – and, in a way, both sides are right. You see, the question isn’t which type is inherently better. Instead, which one’s better for you.

Image of a kayak shark encounter on a sunny day at sea
Avatar for Sam OBrien

Do Sharks Attack Kayaks: Attack Statistics, Managing Encounters & Safety Precautions

Paddling over deep ocean waters, I’ll admit those Jaws scenes sometimes creep into my mind. Spotting a dorsal fin my heart skips a beat. While shark attacks on kayaks are extremely rare, understanding statistics, encounters, and best safety precautions puts my mind at ease. After researching expert insights on shark behaviour, I’m sharing practical tips to safely enjoy ocean kayaking, even where great whites roam!

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Boats & Boards

family in a 3 person kayak

Best 3 Person Kayak: Top 8 Inflatables & Hard-Shells Made For Three

Paddling with my son and our excitable dog often turned chaotic trying to fit everyone safely into a cramped tandem kayak. After one too many unexpected family swims, I realized we needed a bigger option. This led me on a mission to test today’s highest-performing 3-person kayaks. From inflatables with space for pets to lightweight hard-shells for three, here’s my roundup of the top triple-seaters built for creating lasting memories.

Equipment & Accessories

Best Kayak Accessories

Kayaking Gear – The 23 Best Kayak Accessories For 2023

A good kayak, although essential, isn’t enough for a spectacular – and, above all, safe – day on the water. You need kayaking gear and accessories that match that new boat of yours. That got me thinking: What are the best kayak accessories that can take your vessel and kayaking …

Knowledge & Know-How

kayaking at night or in low light conditions

Kayaking At Night Guide: The Law, Safety & Gear You Will Need

Although paddling is mostly considered a daytime activity, kayaking at night certainly has its charms:  The stars are shining above, you can see the moon’s reflection on the water, and there are no crowds to spoil the moment. It’s just you and nature’s beauty.  If you haven’t tried night kayaking …

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