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How Clean Inflatable kayak and Dry it Properly
Avatar for Sam OBrien

How To Clean and Dry Your Inflatable Kayak Properly

Inflatable kayaks rock; they’re compact, portable, weigh close to nothing, and perform relatively well on the water. However, let’s face it – cleaning and drying them after every use isn’t …

How to use a kayak cart trolly
Avatar for Sam OBrien

How To Use A Kayak Cart: Everything You Need To Know 

You buy a kayak, get yourself a matching paddle, and think, “Oh, I can’t wait to get this bad boy out for a spin!”  If only things were that simple.  …

An image depicting Two Shores, One Vision The Exciting Merger Of UKWaterSports.co.uk & WaterSportsWhiz.com
Avatar for Sam OBrien

Two Shores, One Vision: The Exciting Merger Of UKWaterSports.co.uk & WaterSportsWhiz.com

“May you live in interesting times.”  If you’re a fellow Terry Pratchett fan, you know that the citizens of Discworld actually considered this to be a curse. Well, right now, …

Man looking confused wondering if Inflatable kayaks are good or bad
Avatar for Nessa Hopkins

Are Inflatable Kayaks Good? Weighing Up The Pros And Cons

It would be nice if you could just bring your ‘yak along everywhere you go, but that’s not always an option – especially not if you own a full-sized hard-shell …

WaterSportsWhiz.com Acquires SunShineKAyaking.com
Avatar for Sam OBrien

Exciting News: WaterSportsWhiz.com & SunShineKayaking.com Join Forces!

Okay, I’ll get straight to the point because, honestly, I can’t wait to share the news:  I’ve recently acquired the SunShineKayaking.com domain – and I am beyond proud and excited …

Man sea kakaing in very cold water during winter months
Avatar for Sam OBrien

Winter Kayaking – Everything You Need To Know About How To Kayak In Cold Weather

For some people, the mention of kayaking in cold weather is enough to make their hair stand on end and send shivers down their spine. That’s understandable. But for others, …

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Boats & Boards

kayak battery -llustrated battery icon with colourful charge level

Best Kayak Fish Finder Battery – Top 6 Powerful-But-Compact Options For 2022

If you’re into kayak fishing, you know how much equipment it involves. Rods and reels, fishing line, bait, tackle, lures – and you might add a fish finder to the list, too. But as valuable as a fish finder can be, it opens up a whole new can of worms:  …

Equipment & Accessories

k2 coolers summit

Best Kayak Cooler: Top 7 Picks For Keeping Things Chilly

Kayak, PFD, paddle, dry bag, spare clothes, water bottle, sunscreen, and lunch; everything’s set for your kayaking trip. If only you could figure out a way to keep your drinks cold and refreshing – that would make the outing better.  Seriously, though:  Aren’t you tired of having nothing but stale …

Knowledge & Know-How

Man in kayak about to roll and wet exit

Kayak Wet Exit – How To Master This Essential Kayaking Skill

There are many things to love about kayaking. But capsizing – and finding yourself upside-down, underwater, trapped in a kayak – is not one of them.  On that note, how do you avoid getting trapped in the event of a capsize?  When it’s time to abandon ship, performing a kayak …

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