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Sea kayak vs river kayak - what are the differences
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Sam OBrien

Sea Kayak Vs. River Kayak: A Closer Look At Their Differences

No two kayaks are ever the same. Why am I pointing that out?  Deciding which kayak you should go with will depend on what kind of outdoor experience you’re hoping …

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Sam OBrien

Kayaking In The Rain – Tips, Safety & Must-Have Gear

In a perfect world, the weather would always be warm and sunny, and you’d never have to worry about unexpected rain showers and thunderstorms. Real life is far from perfect, …

Yellow sea kayak on open water
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Sam OBrien

A Complete Guide To Kayak Bulkheads (With Troubleshooting Tips)

One question I hear a lot from kayaking newbies is:  “Why do some kayaks come with a bulkhead? They’re already pretty buoyant.” Consider this:  How will you keep your stuff …

anny pack made of yellow water proof fabric for maximum protection
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Sam OBrien

Best Waterproof Fanny Pack: Top 8 Options To Keep Your Essentials Safe & Dry

Fanny packs are back – and they’re back with a bang, might I add. I’m not here to talk about the “fashion statement” aspects of wearing one, though. Instead, I’d …

What are the kayak rules and regulations
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Sam OBrien

Kayaking Rules And Regulations – Everything You Need To Know

When you think about outdoor recreation, the rules and regulations associated with it aren’t the first things that come to mind. I get that.  Kayaking is supposed to be a …

best paddleboard kayak hybrids on the river during summer
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Sam OBrien

Best Paddle Board Kayak Hybrid – Top 8 Picks For 2023

Can’t decide between a kayak and a paddleboard? I admit that it can be a tough choice – but, as it turns out, you might not have to choose one …

Sam - Water Sports Whiz

Who Is Behind This Site?

Hey, I am Sam. one part of the three man team here at WaterSportsWhiz.com.  For the past 20 years I’ve been progressively discovering the world of water sports.  Trust me when I say that I’ve only barely touched the surface, the subject is as deep as it is wide.

Boats & Boards

Kayaks with pedals

Best Pedal Kayak – Top 11 Picks For Paddle-Free Kayaking

Why paddle when you can pedal?  I’m more of a paddle guy myself, but I’m also the first one to admit that pedaling has its charms.  Let’s face it:  No matter how much you enjoy kayaking, sooner or later, you’ll get tired of swinging the paddle. Muscle fatigue, often targeting …

Equipment & Accessories

car pulling kayaks on a trailer

Tow With Confidence – The 10 Best Kayak Trailers Reviewed

You probably know the sense of simplicity, liberation, and tranquility that comes with launching your kayak. Another feeling you’re likely familiar with is the frustration of loading your kayak onto your car.  Perhaps it’s your first kayak, or maybe you’re an experienced paddler who has been kayaking for years. Either …

Knowledge & Know-How

kayak registration - Car plates from different states of USA

Do Kayaks Have To Be Registered? Kayaking Rules & Regulations Across The USA

You wouldn’t dare to drive your car around without a license plate, current sticker, and valid registration, now, would you?  The same applies to all mechanically-powered boats, vessels navigating federal waters, and operating in the high seas. What does that mean for your paddle-powered kayak, though? Do you have to …