About Us

Mission Statement

To produce and publish the finest Water Sports information available on the internet.  Information that not only gets you started in the Water Sport of your choice, but permits you to excel.

Bit About Us

We are a group of enthusiasts whose knowledge spans the vast arrange of sports classed as Water. 

Whether you are looking for advice on; the best Kayak for a beginner?  The different types of SUPs? What floating platform is best for freshwater fishing?  Recommendation on the best kite for low wind conditions? Or, how to keep warm and dry in the colder months?  Then, we have the information for you.

Let us share what the WaterSportWhiz Team has learned.  And, together we can get outside to have fun inon or under the water with our family and friends.

Let’s make a splash.

So Why Did We Start The Site

When I was starting out, I found finding quality information a bit hit-and-miss.  Often the information omitted key points, was incorrect or misleading.

It took a lot of digging through forums.  Trawling Facebook groups. Watching endless YouTube tutorials.  Reading posts on various sports magazines web sites. And, a great deal of trial and error to find the right information…..  it didn’t need to be so difficult and time-consuming.

I wanted to create a site that added value to the reader by providing clear, accurate information.  And, at the same time also allowed me to explore and become more engaged in the community side of the sports.  After all, the more people we involve the bigger the sport becomes.

Where Does The Information Come From On This Site?

I plan and edit all content.  This is to ensure that the information is on the highest standard.  Nothing is published without my say so.  

(Ok, the other half might help a bit and edit out my dad jokes…it’s for my own safety)

We are able to draw information from a wide range of people and sources.  This comes from our various pursuits, club associations, and friendships.

The majority of the information on this site comes from own personal experiences.  Time to time, we use the services of a freelance writer. Especially, on a niche topic where they are an expert in that field.

Where we can, we try to inspect and use any product that we review.  This way we can bring you a real-world and authentic appraisal. And, not some re-worded sales blurb that appears on other sites. 

From time-to-time, it is not possible to get direct access to a product ourselves.  In which case, we rely on the actual feedback and comments from real-life customers.

We aim to ensure that the information on this site is not only authentic but factual and unbiased.  But, if you disagree or have something to add then please feel free to drop us a message, we would love to hear from you.

To Wrap Up…

If there are any topics or subjects you would like for us to cover then please let us know via the contact page.

After all, we created this site for you.

We would also love to hear your comments and experiences. If you have some words of advice to new and established Water Sport enthusiasts.  Feel to leave them in the comments sections under each of the articles.

Thanks for stopping by, we all hope you enjoy the site.

Best wishes

Sam and the WaterSportsWhiz Team.