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Founder and Water Sports Expert

Sam - Water Sports Whiz


Hey, I am Sam.  I am the creator and the principal authors here at  For the past 20 years, I’ve been discovering the world of Water Sport. Trust me when I say that I’ve only touched the surface, the subject matter is as deep as it is wide – pun intended.

I am by no means a professional sportsman nor author.   I am a regular guy with a passion for the water and every sport that can be performed in, on or under it.
Whilst at university I dated a Greek girl.  This resulted in me spending a large majority of my summers in Greece. Island hopping around the country on her friend’s and various family member’s boats. 

Living my life on and off the shore, it was a journey of both excitement and discovery.  Not only did it introduced this small-town boy to a brand-new culture. Which was, full of different sights, smells, tastes & sounds.   It introduced me to Water Sports.

Okay, okay, okay, okay…just for my Greek readers….Sea Sports…because its sports on the sea….happy now Giannis?!

Each island seemed to be famous for a different type of Water Sport.  Whether than that was; Kayaking in Crete. Windsurfing in Paros. Paddle Boarding off the coast of Athens.  Kitesurfing in Naxos. Scuba Diving in the sea caves of Skiathos and Zanta.

Up until this point, Water Sports was something I had seen on the TV or in magazines, I was in awe.   It’s true; a Greek’s life is a beach… and I wanted in! So, I guess this where it all begins.

Being a broke student, I was limited to which sport I could pursue.  I am not sure my student loan would have stretched to 40ft Catamaran or speed boat to tow my wakeboard!  Nor were there great mooring facilities on campus at my landlocked student dom.  

Hey, but a boy could dream.

In early 2000, I got involved with a local scuba diving club.  I was soon on my way to obtaining my PADI Open Water license. Open Water qualified then turn into Advanced. 

Shortly after I had completed my PADI Rescue Diver course. I had set my sights on becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver.  

To be totally honest, I liked the idea of being called a Master. Also, the reason I started this site, so I could call myself a ‘Web-Master‘.

I’ve been lucky enough to dive some of the world’s best dive sites.   From the spiralling depths of the Blue Hole in the Red Sea Egypt. A fast passed drift dive with sea turtles off the coast of Mexico.  The majestic yet mysterious freshwater cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. And, the beautiful topical coral reefs of Phi Phi Island in Thailand.

You will note that not one of these locations is in my native country of the UK!  Not with an average sea temperature of less than 50F which is even lower at 30 meters.  The hassle of diving in a dry suit in the ice cold UK water wasn’t for me. So, diving has been reserved for trips to the tropics.   There you can dive in shorts at 30 meters and the water is still 75-85F… Oh, and you can see your hand in front of your face. 

As a result, I needed a new hobby, an everyday hobby, a local hobby.  I had pretty much mastered ‘under’ and ’in’, I thought let’s try ‘on’ the water.
So, in a nutshell……. if it floats like a boat then I am going to give it a try.

I also wanted a sport than I could partake in back home in the UK in spite of the varying weather.   I am lucky that I live 7 miles (10km) to the sea. On the mouth of several major rivers, surrounded by protected nature reserves.

Also, since my days of Greek island-hopping life had moved on.  For one, I was down one Greek Girlfriend (she was long gone) but I had gained one child, I will call that a win.

Now that I am a dad, I wanted something to allow my son to develop a love for the water.  

Actually being outdoors in general. Something that we could do together as a family.

I am determined he will not be the same spotty teenager as I was.  I don’t want him sitting alone in his bedroom playing computer games.  Or, wearing lifesavers aged 13 at the local germ-filled pool. Actually, he can be, and do all those things.  Well, minus the lifesavers.

But, ‘in’, ‘out’ or ‘under’ the water, with his family and friends.   

I want him out making a splash!

Senior Writer and Kayaking Expert

Nessa Senior Writer Water Sports Whiz -


Meet Vanessa, the former senior writer for SunShineKayaking – and the newest addition to our team. 

Nessa is a long-standing member of the American Canoe Association; that alone demonstrates her commitment to water sports. And to add to it, she is a certified kayaking instructor with years of experience under her belt. 

That is to say, she comes to us with a wealth of first-hand experience, expertise, and knowledge regarding all things paddle-sports-related. 

And, with thousands of miles under her paddle, Nessa is one of those people who absolutely deserve to carry the title of a true “kayak veteran.” 

She holds a Master’s degree in Journalism and Political Sciences, which she skillfully combined with her love for paddle sports, turning her passion into a sustainable career. 

And that, I believe, is one of Nessa’s strongest suits: 

Her deep understanding of the sport – coupled with her journalism background – makes her an indispensable resource for our readers. I’m confident that, as a part of WaterSportsWhiz’s team, she will continue to educate and inspire paddlers of all levels through her writing.

Writer and Globetrotting Adventurer

James Stevens - Water Sports Whiz


Meet James, aka Jimbo, a fearless globetrotter – and, as he jokingly said when we first met, “a full-time explorer and a part-time blogger.” 

With a passion for exploring the most remote corners of the Earth and a knack for pushing his own limits, James’s adventures have often taken him to breathtaking landscapes. In 2018, this wandering, thrill-seeking spirit took on the ultimate expedition through the Amazon rainforest – home to indigenous tribes and miles upon miles of winding rivers. 

Over the years, his connection to nature has inspired a deep and unwavering respect for preserving these precious environments. But, in his own words, this trip to the Amazon was the transformative experience that fueled his dedication to raising awareness about outdoor ethics and nature conservation. 

James prefers not to label himself as an “expert” in water sports and recreation – which, in my opinion, downplays the extensive outdoor experience and the unique perspective he’ll bring as part of WaterSportsWhiz’s team. 

Keep an eye on James’ content; his insights are bound to inspire you to embrace – and protect – the beauty of nature.

Writer, Diving and Kite Surfing Expert

Tim WaterSportWhiz


Meet one of my best buddies, Tim, a true veteran of Water Sports.  And in my book a living legend. I’ve known Tim since my mid-teens and he has always been that guy that was willing to give anything a go.   Regardless of how treacherous or perilous…..or dare I say stupid!

Tim is an ex-commercial diver, PADI instructor, IKO kite surfing instructor.  He is also the owner of a wake board park and hotel resort in Thailand.

Tim has recently completed an epic 14-day kite surfing challenge.  Which saw him surf along the east coast of southern Thailand to the Golok River on the Malaysian Boarder.

Tim was part of the dive support team which help rescue the 12 schoolboys trapped in a Thai cave.

Writer and Fresh Water Fishing Expert

SImon Water Sports Whiz


Simon is officially the worlds leading expert on anything fishing.  (I will point out this is a self-appointed title).

In all fairness, he is.  Simon has been an avid fisherman since the age of 7/8.  And his passion for the sport only grows stronger by the day.

Simon is the owner of leading fishing equipment and baits company, Taylor’s Lead Lounge

Lead Lounge is a family run business.  A business that he has grown from a back room at his home, to a business that now employs 5 full-time people and ships products all around the world.

Without question, Simon is our go-to guy when it comes angling.  He will cover all our sea and freshwater fishing items. Such as the best Kayak for fishing?  The best fish kayak seat? Pedal vs Motorized Kayaks? What the best bait boat? Best deep finders and many more.