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Duck decoy with stuffed and some calls

Best Duck Hunting Kayak For The Ultimate Waterfowling Experience (2022)

Every hunter knows how crucial having the right equipment is for hunting success. That includes ammunition, guns, camouflage gear, decoys, calls – and, according to the latest waterfowling trends, hunter kayaks. Your goal is to go where other hunters can’t and track down birds that, again, other hunters can’t hunt … Read more

Large Alligator under water so only its eyes are showing

Kayaks and Alligators: kayaking with alligators 101

If your kayaking excursions ever take you to the Southern United States, you might find yourself kayaking with alligators. Wait, kayaks and alligators in the same waters? But is it safe to kayak with alligators? Will alligators attack kayaks? It does sound a bit like nightmare fuel – but actual statistics about ‘gator … Read more

Kayak Scupper plugs. Drowning victims, Hand of drowning man needing help. Failure and rescue concept.

Ins And Outs Of Kayak Scupper Plugs: How & When To Use Them

Your sit-on-top kayak can be equipped with many accessories, some of which are considered luxuries, while others fall into the “kayaking essentials” category.  What about kayak scupper plugs, though? When it comes to plugging the little holes in the bottom of your kayak, the line between “necessary” and “optional” tends … Read more

kayak mods - kayak upgrades

Kayak Mods – The Top 20 Must-Have cool Kayak Upgrades

Most modern kayaks are equipped with everything – well, almost everything – you’ll need to get out on the water. But here’s the thing: Even if you shelled out on a high-end kayak with all the latest features, there will always be things that you want – or need – … Read more

A law book with a gavel - Kayak DUI Law

Can You Get A DUI On A Kayak? The Surprising Answer!

We both know that drinking and driving is a foolish, irresponsible, and flat-out illegal thing. Well, at least I hope that’s something we all agree on, anyway.  What about kayaks, though?  Is having a couple of beers during your kayaking trip as dangerous as driving under the influence? Is kayaking … Read more