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What Are Strainers On A River

River Hazards: What Are Strainers On A River?

Low-head dams might’ve earned the nickname “drowning machine,” but don’t assume that other river hazards, such as strainers, are any less deadly. What are strainers on a river, though? Why do they rank so high on the list of kayakers’ worst nightmares? And, most importantly, how can you encounter this … Read more

red and two yellow kayaks for sale

How To Choose A Kayak – What Kayak Is Right For Me?

The prospect of finally owning a kayak can be exciting, to say the least. But browsing the market and going through hundreds of different models of all shapes and sizes in hopes of choosing the right one?  That sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? So, if you found yourself wondering, … Read more

Kayak prices - Dollar bank note money background

Kayak Prices – How Much Does A Kayak Cost?

Kayaking is easy to get into with only a few essential pieces of equipment – a life jacket, paddle, and, obviously, a kayak. And yet, it gets a reputation of a relatively expensive water sport, which makes many newcomers wonder: How much does a kayak cost, exactly? That’s the question … Read more

Basics Of Whitewater Kayaking For Beginners

The Basics Of Whitewater Kayaking For Beginners

Whitewater kayaking is an intense sport – and it often feels like you’re tricking the Universe by taking on this immense force of nature in a small plastic boat. That adrenaline rush is precisely what makes it so easy to get hooked on this challenging side of kayaking. Mastering the … Read more