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Inuit Kayak in Museum

A Brief History Of Kayaking – From Early Kayaks To Modern Designs & Beyond

Kayaking may seem like a modern outdoor pursuit, but its roots stretch back thousands of years to ancient Arctic cultures. From early skin-on-frame designs to today’s high-tech materials and specialty crafts, the evolution of kayaks is a fascinating journey through history and innovation. We trace the origins and development of kayaking, exploring how different cultures adapted kayaks for hunting, transportation, and recreation. Discover the key milestones and pioneers that shaped kayaking into the diverse and thriving sport it is today!

Understanding The Different Types Of Whitewater Kayaks

Understanding The Different Types Of Whitewater Kayaks

Whitewater kayaks are designed for a very specific environment – whitewater rapids.  It’s right there in the name; what else is there to know?  I’m afraid things aren’t that simple:  While they are made for tackling whitewater rapids, these kayaks are not all designed the same. There are, in fact, … Read more

Kayaker capsizes in rough condition choppy water

Is Kayaking Safe For Non-Swimmers? Everything You Need To Know

There is no shame in being a non-swimmer. Some people simply didn’t have the chance to learn how to swim as children, while others may still be working on overcoming a very real – and, I should add, common – fear of water. Whatever your reason might be, know that it is fine – and it definitely shouldn’t be something that prevents you from giving kayaking a try. Yes, kayaking for non-swimmers is doable – and there are ways to make it safe

What muscles does stand up paddle boarding work

What Muscles Does Paddle Boarding Work?

If you’re new to paddling sports, you’re probably convinced that it’s primarily about arm strength – and I wouldn’t blame you for it. Most people assume the same thing.  When you finally step on a SUP and dip that paddle into the water, though, you’ll be surprised to feel the … Read more

What are Paddle Boards Made Out Of

SUP Construction Explained – What Are Paddle Boards Made Of?

Many factors will play into your SUP’s performance, weight, durability, capacity – and, ultimately, price tag. And SUP construction is one of those factors.  What are paddle boards made of, though? How do boards differ based on the materials used? And on a related note, how can you make sure … Read more

Paddle Board Size Chart

What Size Paddle Board Should I Get: SUP Sizes Explained

The wrong paddle board size can sink your SUP dreams before you even hit the water. But with so many dimensions and volume options, how do you choose the perfect fit? We break down the key factors to consider when sizing a SUP, from your weight and skill level to your intended use and riding style. Learn how to calculate the ideal length, width, and thickness for your body type and paddling goals, and discover the best SUP sizes for beginners, yogis, surfers, and more!

How Much Weight Can A SUP Hold

How Much Weight Can A Paddle Board Hold? 

Afraid of maxing out and sinking your stand-up paddle board? Every SUP has a weight limit that you need to know before buying. We explain how paddle board weight capacity is determined and what happens if you exceed it. Learn the typical weight ranges for inflatable vs hard boards, plus how to factor in your own weight and gear to choose a SUP that will keep you afloat!

Weight limit sign on a kayak

Kayak Weight Limit – How Much Weight Can A Kayak Hold?

Every kayak has a maximum weight capacity that you need to know before loading up for your next adventure. Exceeding this limit can lead to capsizing, instability, and even damage to your boat. We break down how kayak weight limits are determined and what factors influence the total load your kayak can handle safely. Learn the typical weight ranges for different types of kayaks and how to calculate your gear’s impact on capacity.

How Much Does A Paddle Board Cost - 2

How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

Ready to invest in your own SUP but not sure how much to budget? Paddle board prices can vary dramatically based on factors like board type, size, construction and brand. We break down the typical cost range for inflatable vs hard paddle boards, entry-level vs premium models, and additional expenses like paddles and leashes to expect. Learn what you should spend to launch your SUP journey!