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crabbing kayak

Kayak Crabbing Tips: Your Guide To Crabbing From A Kayak

If you’re a kayaker whose no stranger to launching your ‘yak and setting out on a fishing adventure, there’s a pretty good chance you’d enjoy kayak crabbing, too. It’s fun, easy, and oh-so-exciting – and at times, it can feel like a downsized version of your favorite Deadliest Catch episode. … Read more


Kayak Wars – Inflatable Vs. Hard Kayak Comparison

I hate to break it to you, but buying your first kayak is not going to be as simple as you hoped it would be.  There’s a lot to consider, starting with the most basic but oh-so-important choice – inflatable vs. hard kayak. That wouldn’t have been up for debate … Read more

Portage kayak

How To Carry A Kayak: Portage Rules You Must Follow

Keep paddling for long enough, and you’re going to – well, run out of water. It’s one of those inevitable things – a necessary evil, as some would put it – meaning you’ll have to learn how to carry a kayak eventually. And to be quite frank now is as … Read more

what size kayak paddle do I need

Kayak Paddle Length: What Size Kayak Paddle Do I Need?

It might not be the most intriguing piece of your kayaking equipment – but that doesn’t make kayak paddles any less important than, say, your ‘yak. I mean, it’s what gets you from point A to point B. Without one, all you’ll do is float around with no real way … Read more