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Picture of different type of kayaks and canoes

What Are The Best Kayak Brands – And Which Kayak Brands To Avoid?

This blog turned kayaking into much more than a hobby. Gathering information, comparing brands, and testing all come with the territory. My wife sometimes jokes that I live and breathe kayaking – and she’s not wrong.  Anyway, it got me thinking: I already have all this information and insights about … Read more

kayaking at night or in low light conditions

Kayaking At Night Guide: The Law, Safety & Gear You Will Need

Although paddling is mostly considered a daytime activity, kayaking at night certainly has its charms:  The stars are shining above, you can see the moon’s reflection on the water, and there are no crowds to spoil the moment. It’s just you and nature’s beauty.  If you haven’t tried night kayaking … Read more