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Female sea kayaker paddling in Glacier

Sea Kayaking For Beginners – Newbie’s Guide To Ocean Kayaking

Steep cliffs, secret bays, hidden beaches, patches of thick seaweed, seals that might pop up to say “Hi” – it sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?  Ocean kayaking offers endless possibilities; the perfect blend of stunning views and wild, unpredictable environments, allowing paddlers to experience open water and view the coastline from … Read more

Parts of Kayak Boat

Kayak Anatomy 101: What Are The Basic Parts Of A Kayak?

Every sport and outdoor activity has its jargon. Kayaking does, too – no surprise there. Each and every part of a kayak’s anatomy has a specific name – and you may even be familiar with some kayak parts. But others might be confusing – as in, scratch-your-head-in-wonder confusing. Either way, … Read more


What Is The Main Advantage Of A Type IV PFD?

When it comes to water safety, having the right personal flotation device (PFD) can mean the difference between life and death. But what sets a Type IV PFD apart from other buoyancy devices? We reveal the unique advantages of this throwable flotation device and when it’s most crucial to have one on hand. Discover how a Type IV PFD can be a lifesaving tool in emergency situations on the water!

How Many Calories Does Kayaking Burn?

How Many Calories Does Kayaking Burn?

Want to torch calories while having a blast on the water? Kayaking can be a serious workout! But exactly how many calories you burn depends on factors like your weight, kayaking style, pace and duration. We break down the numbers behind kayaking’s impressive calorie-burning potential and reveal how to optimize your paddling technique to blast fat and build stamina. Get ready to feel the burn on your next adventure!

What Are Strainers On A River

River Hazards: What Are Strainers On A River?

Strainers are one of the most dangerous hazards kayakers can encounter on a river, capable of trapping and drowning even experienced paddlers. But what exactly are strainers, and how can you spot and avoid them? We explain the different types of river strainers, from fallen trees to man-made structures, and share crucial safety tips for navigating around these deadly obstacles. Learn how to identify and steer clear of strainers to keep yourself safe on the water!

red and two yellow kayaks for sale

How To Choose A Kayak – What Kayak Is Right For Me?

The prospect of finally owning a kayak can be exciting, to say the least. But browsing the market and going through hundreds of different models of all shapes and sizes in hopes of choosing the right one?  That sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? So, if you found yourself wondering, … Read more

Kayak prices - Dollar bank note money background

Kayak Prices – How Much Does A Kayak Cost?

Ready to invest in your own kayak but not sure how much to budget? Kayak prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on factors like kayak type, size, materials, and features. We break down the typical cost ranges for recreational, touring, fishing, and inflatable kayaks, as well as additional gear expenses to anticipate. Discover how much to spend for your perfect paddling setup!