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How Much Does A Paddle Board Cost - 2

How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

Ready to invest in your own SUP but not sure how much to budget? Paddle board prices can vary dramatically based on factors like board type, size, construction and brand. We break down the typical cost range for inflatable vs hard paddle boards, entry-level vs premium models, and additional expenses like paddles and leashes to expect. Learn what you should spend to launch your SUP journey!

Kayaks for sale in store

Stores With Kayaks: Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Kayak?

If you’re looking to get into kayaking, what’s the first thing you’ll need?  Well, obviously, it’s the kayak. I could hear that “Well, duh!” all the way from here. The answer to that question was obvious enough.  However, the answer to a question like “Where to buy a kayak?” might … Read more

Man in blue waterproof swimsuit paddles SUP on Ocean

What To Wear Paddle Boarding (No Matter The Weather)

Stand-up paddleboarding sounds like the ideal summertime activity, doesn’t it? But here’s what you might not realize:  You can actually take your SUP to the water any day of the year – you’re not limited to the warm summer months.  You do have to know what to wear paddle boarding … Read more

Is Paddle Boarding Hard Or Easy

How Hard Is Paddle Boarding? Is Paddle Boarding Hard Or Easy?

Stand-up paddle boarding looks effortless when done by pros, but is it actually hard for beginners to learn? The truth is, with the right gear and technique, most people can start SUPing successfully within the first hour! We cover what makes paddle boarding easier than it seems, common challenges to anticipate as a newbie, and tips to get you gliding gracefully in no time.

What to wear under a wet suit

What Do You Wear Under A Wetsuit? Tips & Recommendations

Wetsuits are essential for staying warm in cold water, but wearing the wrong undergarments can lead to chafing, discomfort, and even compromised insulation. So, what should you wear beneath your wetsuit for optimal comfort and performance? We reveal the best base layer options for different water temperatures and activities, from thin rash guards to thermal underwear. Discover the pros and cons of each underlayer style and material, along with tips for preventing irritation during long sessions in your wetsuit.