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man fishing from the kayak

Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak – Ultimate Fishing Platforms Of 2023

When you think about kayaking, your mind probably jumps to someone sitting inside a long and narrow watercraft and paddling across the water (I’ll admit, that’s an accurate enough description). However, as kayak fishing started gaining recognition, a wider variety of vessels that would fit different fishing techniques began popping … Read more

Large man in kayak with child

Best Kayaks For Big Guys Or Girls – 5 Top Kayaks For The Oversized Person

Big and tall kayakers know the tedious search for a kayak actually built for larger frames. Most recreational rigs simply can’t handle weights over 250-300 lbs! We review the 5 best kayaks specially designed for big and tall paddlers in 2024 – rated for real stability, capacity, comfort and tracking ability at higher weights. Finally find your perfect oversized kayak fit!