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Kayak weight - Two men carrying kayak outdoors

Kayak Weight – How Much Does A Kayak Weigh? (And Why You Should Care)

Kayak weight matters more than most paddlers realize—it impacts everything from transportation to on-water performance. But how much does the average kayak weigh by type and material? We break down typical weight ranges for recreational, touring, fishing, inflatable, and tandem kayaks made from various materials. Discover the ideal kayak weight for your needs and learn why those pounds make a big difference!

Picture of different type of kayaks and canoes

What Are The Best Kayak Brands – And Which Kayak Brands To Avoid?

This blog turned kayaking into much more than a hobby. Gathering information, comparing brands, and testing all come with the territory. My wife sometimes jokes that I live and breathe kayaking – and she’s not wrong.  Anyway, it got me thinking: I already have all this information and insights about … Read more

Young lady paddling the kayak near the cliff at sunset

Kayak Speed Explained: How Long Does It Take To Kayak A Mile?

Planning a kayaking trip but not sure how long it will take to reach your destination? Many factors influence your paddling speed and mile time, from kayak type to weather conditions. We break down the average pace for recreational, touring, and racing kayaks, as well as variables like current, wind, and your own fitness level. Learn how to calculate your predicted mile time and plan kayaking trips with confidence!

kayaking at night or in low light conditions

Kayaking At Night Guide: The Law, Safety & Gear You Will Need

Although paddling is mostly considered a daytime activity, kayaking at night certainly has its charms:  The stars are shining above, you can see the moon’s reflection on the water, and there are no crowds to spoil the moment. It’s just you and nature’s beauty.  If you haven’t tried night kayaking … Read more

Kayak Security - Collection of Keys and padlock

How To Lock A Kayak & Keep It Safe

Don’t let kayak theft sink your paddling plans! Kayaks are a prime target for thieves if left unsecured, but with the right locking strategy, you can protect your investment. We share the most effective techniques for locking your kayak to your vehicle, a rack, or a stationary object, as well as the best theft-deterrent devices on the market. Discover how to outsmart crafty kayak snatchers and keep your beloved boat safe from sticky fingers!

Topless man with Muscle paddling kayak

What Muscles Does Kayaking Work? 6+ Muscles That Keep You Paddling Forward

Kayaking is more than just a leisurely paddle – it’s a full-body workout that engages a wide range of muscles from head to toe. But which specific muscle groups benefit the most from this low-impact, high-intensity sport? We break down the primary muscles used in kayaking, from your core and upper body to your lower back and legs.