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Best Kayak Storage Racks

Best Kayak Storage Rack – The 8 Top-Rated Options for 2022

The storage and transportation aspects of kayak ownership are probably the biggest hurdles for most – if not all – paddlers out there. There’s just no way around it: You’ll need to find a way to store your kayak properly.  And no, propping it up against the garage wall doesn’t … Read more

car pulling kayaks on a trailer

Tow With Confidence – The 10 Best Kayak Trailers Reviewed

You probably know the sense of simplicity, liberation, and tranquility that comes with launching your kayak. Another feeling you’re likely familiar with is the frustration of loading your kayak onto your car.  Perhaps it’s your first kayak, or maybe you’re an experienced paddler who has been kayaking for years. Either … Read more

kayak trolling motors

Best Kayak Trolling Motor For Going Motor-Powered In 2022

Kayaks and paddles go like peanut butter and jelly; everyone knows that. But I can guarantee that everyone needs some help propelling their kayak from time to time. And that’s where trolling motors come in: Compact, quiet, and efficient, these electric motors have earned their spot in the kayaking world. … Read more

Whitewater Kayaker in drysuit

Best Kayaking Drysuits In 2022 – Stay Dry And Prevent Hypothermia

Waterproof but breathable fabrics, water-tight gaskets, and enough room for thermal layers you can wear underneath to stay warm and dry; that’s what the best kayaking drysuits bring to the table. You’d be silly not to invest in one if you often find yourself navigating colder waters. But here’s the … Read more